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590: Weetwood Ales | Old Dog

20190615_192013The Brewery: “Weetwood Ales began brewing in 1992 when finding a great pint of cask ale was a challenge. The brewery was founded by Adrian Slater, a skilled brewer, and Roger Langford, a farmer with space in a barn and a love for proper beer. Roger’s farm is in Weetwood Common, near Tarporley in Cheshire and the brewery took the name”

The Beer: “No need for new tricks here, this is as traditional as it gets. Maris Otter and dark roasted malts create a wonderful deep colour and buckets of English hop varieties combine for extra flavour.

How odd. I fully expected to enjoy this more than the Eastgate Amber Ale given my usual preferences for darker beers. It was enjoyable enough certainly and I can only put it down to the fact the Eastgate was the first (and second) after a long dry week and this followed on the next night.  4.5% A.B.V.

June 2019