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Theakston – Lightfoot

What they say: “Lightfoot is named after a brewery in Masham which Theakstons took over in 1919. The Lightfoot and Theakston families were very close and indeed linked through marriage and therefore it was a natural amalgamation of two well-established businesses. For many years it was rumoured that Theakstons took over Lightfoot because they had a better cricket team something that was deemed unacceptable to the brewers in Red Lane! Lightfoot has always been a popular seasonal ale in fact so much so that in 2010 it became a permanent addition to our range and is now available all year round. Lightfoot is a refreshing golden pale ale, brewed using prime English Barley and wheat, continental hops, our famous Masham yeast and water from the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. Its light, fruity flavour makes it an ideal accompaniment to light curries, fish and salads and for a hot summer’s day perfect just on its own.” Yeah, a bit lighter and fruiter than I normally prefer but in a beer garden on

Milestone – Rich Ruby

What they say: “Lightly Hopped with a Malty berry finish……Very drinkable, ideal with fish,chicken,salad or vegetarian meals" My first ale after moving sites from Yorkshire to Nottinghamshire on our Easter break and it didn’t disappoint. Not too fruity and a lovely colour. 4.5% A.B.V. The Roebuck Inn , Nottingham. April 2017.

The Nottingham Brewery – Robin Hood Ale

What they say: “Robin Hood Ale is an easy-drinking and pleasant well-balanced bitter, although slightly hoppier than the beer recipes in our core beer range.” Loved this. This was undoubtedly my favourite new beer of the whole three weeks we were away. Certainly easy drinking and I didn’t find it too hoppy. Crisp and bitter. Lovely. 3.9% A.B.V The Roebuck Inn , Notingham, April 2017

The Nottingham Brewery – Extra Pale Ale

What they say: “A light coloured, exceptionally well balanced smooth ale with a light fragrant hop finish. Bronze award winner at the CAMRA Great British Beer Festival 2004.” What turned out to be my last taste of Nottinghamshire ale – from a cask anyway – wasn’t my favourite. Regulars will know from the description that this wasn’t my sort of beer. Again, a good ale for a hot summers night. If we get one! 4.2% A.B.V Bell Inn , Nottingham. April 2017

York Brewery – Yorkshire Terrier

What they say: “Our original brew, Yorkshire Terrier is a multi-award winning single hop premium golden ale. Using only the flavours of UK grown Challenger hops and a dash of Crystal malt, expect a refreshing taste, where fruit and hops dominate the flavour and aroma with a clean, bitter finish……The balance of bitterness and sweetness in Terrier make it ideal to pair with roasted meats and tomato based sauces.” Yum. Just about everything I like about a beer was here. Delicious. That is all. 4.2% A.B.V April 2017

York Brewery – Guzzler

What they say: “A beautifully balanced, light gold coloured beer with dominant hop flavours and pale malt character. Guzzler is an easy drinking, crisp & refreshing session ale brewed with Challenger and Celeia hops that bring about a light citrus palate with overtones of Grapefruit………Guzzler's citrus and light floral notes mean it works well with subtly flavoured white fish and chicken dishes.” I didn’t enjoy this quite as much as the delicious Yorkshire Terrier but it was still very drinkable. 4.0% A.B.V April 2017