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593: Cairngorm Brewing Company | Stag

20190621_194438The Brewery: “Cairngorm Brewery Company is a craft brewery established in 2001, situated in the village of Aviemore within the Cairngorms National Park in the Highlands of Scotland.”

The Beer: “Mahogany ale - fuggles hops are added to give an initial bitterness that is balanced by a caramel finish….The Stag – The undisputed Monarch of the Glen. Stag _- the most regal of beers! Good strong flavours without being too strong overall, a beer with real character that you can enjoy all evening.”

The second of my ten beers procured from The Real Ale Shop and I suspect it will end up as one of my favourites of the ten. The description says it all - tasted a lot stronger than the 4.1% ABV might suggest. No fruitiness. June 2019.