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Butcombe - Bitter

What they say: The West Country’s favourite beer derives from pure Mendip Spring Water…notably bitter, clean tasting, refreshingly dry and distinctive. It’s one of my favourites too - I’ve had it before but for some reason it hasn’t made it to the blog before - overdoing the ‘research’ perhaps…. anyway, it was good to sample again, this time at the Blue Raddle in Dorchester. 4.2% A.B.V.

Branscombe Vale - Branoc

What they say: Nose is light caramel and fruits. Flavour is of light malts, some fruits. Slightly bitter finish. Another offering at the Blue Raddle in Dorset, a pub that really excels in it’s ever changing real ale offerings. In excellent condition but a little too much of a fruity twang for my taste buds but great for the warm weather, should it linger. 3.8% A.B.V

Dartmoor - Dartmoor IPA

What they say: A highly drinkable, light golden coloured beer with a unique blend of English hops that combine to create a superb spicy apple and citrus fruit flavour, finished off with a crisp, refreshing aftertaste and subtle hop aroma. Our last night in Dorset saw us meet with friends for a meal at the Blue Raddle in Dorchester, a haven for real ale fans. This was the first cab off the rank and perfectly drinkable although I found it just a  little lacking in taste - either that or my taste buds were ravaged from a hard weeks er, research!

Palmers - Best Bitter

What they say: A full-drinking, malty ale with a delicious hop character. A traditional IPA from the heart of West Dorset. Stable mate to the lovely Copper Ale and again, very drinkable although when given the choice I went back to the Copper Ale only because it was a bit lighter alcohol wise. 4.2& A.B.V. Found at the The Three Horseshoes in Powerstock. Well kept and reasonably priced - for the south anyway!

Palmers - Copper Ale

What they say: Beautifully balanced, copper-coloured session ale, good citrus fruit with a hoppy aroma. Full-flavoured and brewed with Maris Otter malt and whole leaf First Gold aroma hops. The 2nd half of our half-term escape saw us in West Dorset and the Palmers brewery in based in Bridport just down the road from our campsite. I really liked this and was able to ‘research’ it more than once. I didn’t find it too hoppy and at 3.7% A.B.V. kinder to the liver too, without compromising on flavour.

Box Steam - Tunnel Vision

What they say: Clean tasting amber ale Another offering from this Wiltshire based brewery and it was good to get hold of something local as ‘research’ expeditions whilst on site in Orcheston had yielded little that we hadn’t tried before. A lovey pint, well 500ml this, very tasty and at 4.2% A.B.V full bodied enough without being too potent.

Box Steam - Derail Ale

What they say: A hoppy India Pale Ale It IS hoppy but the full bodied flavour of this beer does reign in those pesky hops somewhat. Pleasant enough but at 5.2% A.B.V. not one to slosh back, like er, I did! Found in the Co-op in Shrewton near our campsite when staying in Orcheston, Wiltshire.

Flack Manor - Flack Catcher

What they say: A clean distinctive rich golden ale with initial sweetness, smoothly spiced with a crisp bitter finish leading to an old fashioned zesty linger. On the bar - and I mean ON the bar at a Wetherspoons in Andover as it was drawn straight from the barrel. Very tasty but could have been a little colder - and it’s not often you'll here me say that about an ale! 4.4% A.B.V.

Salisbury - Sarum IPA

What they say: Our India Pale Ale is a gutsy celebration of a great British brewing tradition - well hopped and strong in flavour, yet refreshingly moreish. Our recent trip to Wiltshire yielded little in the way of new beers to try - 6X was seemingly everywhere, although there’s nothing wrong with that. Brewed just down the road in Salisbury but sadly not in tip-top condition. Not bad though. 4.3% A.B.V.