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556: Small World Brewery | Long Moor Pale

The Brewery: “ The last brewery in Shepley & Shelley, Seth Seniors ceased production in 1946 when it was taken over by Hammonds of Lockwood after 117 years of beer production in the valley. More than 68 years on Small World Beers started production at Barncliffe Mills, a natural location for a brewery sitting in a valley famous for its spring water”………” Small World started production in 2014 after many years of planning and honing our skills, first coming together after a chance meeting between Dave Hill and Pete Forder who shared a passion for beer and brewing, and over a beer or three, Small World was born.” The Beer: “Pale ale with grapefruit and citrusy notes with a light bitter finish, brewed with Centennial and Cascade hops.” Regulars will deduce correctly from the description that this beer wasn’t really for me although it may have been more appealing on a hot summers night than a cold winters day. Crystal clear though and the journey south clearly didn’t do it any harm. Hop

555: Colchester Brewery | Ambassador

The Brewery: “In 2011 three friends, with considerable experience in the brewing industry, decided that they would set up a new brewery, financed by friends and family.”…..”A lot of hard work saw the creation of the Viaduct Brewhouse, at Wakes Colne Business Centre, just north of the Chappel viaduct. Tom was adamant that he wanted to create real ale using traditional methods, and in particular the double-drop brewing process, despite the extra cost involved. All the stakeholders wanted to create the best possible brewery with beers to be proud of. The first brew - aptly named No.1 - was ready for sale by February 2012.” Happy New Year and welcome to the first entry of 2019. Looking back at the number of entries for previous years I was clearly slacking a bit in 2018. Must do better! No mention of this on the brewery website but - and I’ve used this phrase before - it’s a good honest session bitter. Having brown in the description might lead some to believe this might be a bit sweet but