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746: Wold Top | Marmalade Porter

The brewery: “Wold Top was founded in 2003 by farmers Tom and Gill, who were looking at different ways to sustain the family farm with diversification and hit on brewing as their solution!…..Our family has farmed 600 acres high on the Yorkshire Wolds for generations and our aim is to continue to do so! Sustainability is key, we want to work in balance with nature so we grow trees and hedges to offset the carbon footprint, we plant areas for birds and wildlife, we consider the bees that are essential for the pollination of the crops and we use crop rotations to keep the soil in good heart. We also use renewable energy from our own wind turbines and have our own water supply from natural chalk aquifers under the farmland.” The beer: “A complex rich dark porter with a sweet malty base, overtones of bitter orange and hints of coffee and chocolate.” It’s nearly six years since I last had a Wold Top beer so I was delighted to find this in Asda whilst staying in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Another ve

745: Weetwood | Jester IPA

The brewery: “ Weetwood Ales began brewing in 1992 when finding a great pint of cask ale was a challenge. The brewery was founded by Adrian Slater, a skilled brewer, and Roger Langford, a farmer with space in a barn and a love for proper beer. Roger’s farm is in Weetwood Common, near Tarporley in Cheshire and the brewery took the name” The beer: “You’ll be laughing along with this modern India Pale Ale which pairs US hops with British, including the delightful ‘Jester’. Vibrant tropical fruit aromas begin the fun and the punchline comes from the refreshing citrus finish.” Another quality ale from Weetwood, this was certainly full of flavour. Not my favourite style of beer as you know but I served it quite a bit colder than usual and it was very refreshing indeed. As I’ve said before, a style I’d enjoy more on a hot summers’ night. March 2022. Related entries.

744: Magic Dragon | Obsidian

The brewery: “Our Brewery is based in North Wales and located in the Plassey, it is the oldest micro brewery in Wales surrounded by glorious countryside. Richard moved into the brewery in 2017 and started making real ale from our 12-barrel brew plant. We focus on brewing a core range with some seasonal specials. “ The beer: “Obsidian Welsh stout has a very attractive aroma of chocolate and coffee. The palate is lovely and clean with a nice dark, smoky finish. The acidity is very refreshing and carries all of the flavours through to an attractive, bitter finish.” Top stuff this, another superb stout with a great combination of flavours. March 2022.

743: Everards | Old Original

The brewery: “Founded in 1849 as an independent family business, you can enjoy Everards beers in more than 150 pubs across the East Midlands….. The beer: “The ultimate strong ale with rich and fruity flavours, Old Original is a classic. The very best premium British hops and malt give this ruby coloured beer a full-bodied taste.” Ooh yum, this was nice. Very nice indeed. Lovely colour, crystal clear and well balanced flavour that my awkward old taste buds found very appealing indeed. 5.2% A.B.V. March 2022. The Collyweston Slater , Stamford. Related entries

742: Red Willow | Heritage Porter

The brewery: “2010 - Toby and Caroline McKenzie start RedWillow brewery. First official RedWillow beer, Directionless, launches at the Treacle Tap and other pubs across Macclesfield. 2012 -Expanded into 12brl brewery, another brewer brought on board….2015 -  Building of new brewery spans over six months, moves over to new site and increases production to an average 80 barrels a week.” The beer: ”Taking inspiration from 19th Century recipes this is a traditional full bodied porter, brewed with a blend of dark malts, generously hopped with a hint of chocolate and robust bitterness”   A lovely pint in a fabulous boozer hidden away just off Hatton garden in London. Quite possibly my new favourite London boozer. Well worth a look. Ye Olde Mitre , Holborn, London. February 2022.

741: Moor Beer Company | Illumination

The brewery: “NATURAL LIVE BEER SINCE 2007.Always live, always natural, always vegan friendly. Moor pioneered the naturally hazy, unfined beer movement in 2007, firmly believing that adding isinglass finings (fish guts) to beer is unnecessary and harmful. Natural carbonation with live yeast is at the heart of everything we brew. It’s what makes our beers vegan friendly and what gives them such an enhanced flavour, aroma and mouthfeel that simply can’t be replicated.” The beer: “That light at the end of the tunnel illuminates your journey. Ours started with the rawest form of an untraditional best bitter. Today we find ourselves setting off in a new direction that is even more welcoming, like a pub fire after a long walk. Naturally carbonated with live yeast. Unfiltered, unpasteurised, unfined. Vegan friendly.” And blimmin’ tasty. A great best bitter. Cloudy as unfined but don’t let that put you off. Looking to sample more of their wares. 4.3% A.B.V. Westow House , February 2022.

740: Big Hug Brewery | Red Rye

The brewery: ”Big Hug Brewing came together in 2014 and was founded by three friends – Matt, Dan and Chris. We use the word brewing rather than brewery because we don’t own one….Some people call it cuckoo brewing, some people call it gypsy brewing, some people call it contract brewing, some people call it nomad brewing. We prefer the term hobo brewers but whatever you want to call it… its what we do. So we are Hobo’s…..a homeless brewery who work with some of the best in the business. People that we now call friends who have helped us develop and allowed us to use their experience, knowledge, facilities and time, coupled with our own unique recipes to bring you some great beers that we hope you enjoy. “ The beer: “Our most complex beer that marries together different flavours and hues from 6 different malts, including Rye and Crystal Rye. Vibrant red in colour with a good body it combines well with the assertive US hops of Mosaic and Columbus. The end result gives flavours and aromas

739: Brimstage Brewery | Oyster Catcher

The brewery: “We’ve been brewing great quality beer for the local drinker since 2006, enjoyed by real characters in some of the best local pubs in the world. But no matter how far we travel, we always remember where our home is – Wirral.” The beer: “Smooth and rich with chocolate and coffee aromas, Oyster Catcher Oatmeal Stout will remind you of sitting by a log fire in your favourite local pub.” Yeah, just the environment to enjoy this filling tasty beer. Top stuff. 4.4% A.B.V. November 2020.

738: Riverside Brewery | Sneaky Steamer

The brewery: “Nestled in the South Downs, alongside the winding River Adur, we brewed our first batch of the now-classic Beeding Best in 2015. Since then we have widened our range to include seasonal winners, a contemporary lager, a rather splendid mead and collaborations with local charities.” The beer: “One of our directors has a passion for steam engines. His Burrell steam traction engine “Lion Lord of the Forest” was built in 1916 and can often be seen being driven around the locality. Four different hops are used in this beer giving it a pine / floral characteristic with a hint of grapefruit.” It’s always good to try local beers and that was brewed just over the ‘border’ in West Sussex. As you may have guessed from the description, not one of my favourites but pleasant enough. 5.1% A.B.V. September 2021. Related entries

737: Isaac Poad | Christmas Cheer

The brewery: “Around the time that Yorkshire County Cricket Club was formed, whilst Palmerston was Prime Minister, Victoria was Queen and the American Civil War was in full swing, Isaac Poad started in business…..Since 1863 five generations of our family have traded the finest ingredients to brewers & distillers. We now use this experience to produce our own range of expertly crafted, award winning beer & gin.” The beer: “A dark amber beer with subtle hints of chocolate and spices. Smooth and easy drinking, it is the perfect accompaniment to all things Christmas, especially cake and pudding!” Another tasty one from Isaac Poad, reasonably full bodied at 4.8% A.B.V. Just needs a nice coal or wood fire to accompany! December 2021. Related entries.

736: Robinsons/Marks & Spencer | Cheshire Chocolate Porter

The brewery: “Based in the heart of Stockport for over 181-years, owning a collection of around 260 pubs, inns and hotels across the North West and North Wales, Robinsons is one of the most respected names in British brewing and innkeeping.” The beer: “A porter-style, full-bodied beer with ripe malt and a smooth chocolate taste. Based on an original recipe from 1899 and created with the collaboration of renowned chocolatier Simon Dunn.” Yum. Very tasty indeed and just the job on a cold winters’ night. Full flavoured and packed a punch at 6% A.B.V. December 2021. Related entries.

735: Isaac Poad | Best Bitter

The brewery: “Around the time that Yorkshire County Cricket Club was formed, whilst Palmerston was Prime Minister, Victoria was Queen and the American Civil War was in full swing, Isaac Poad started in business…..Since 1863 five generations of our family have traded the finest ingredients to brewers & distillers. We now use this experience to produce our own range of expertly crafted, award winning beer & gin.”   The beer: “Where it all started. A traditional bitter that combines the finest maris otter malt with traditional English hops. Well balanced, bronze in colour, smooth and easy drinking, our signature session beer clearly defines who we are.” Procured by a friend whilst Christmas shopping during a visit to York, some may argue that, weighing in at 3.8% A.B.V it can’t be called a Best Bitter – however it tasted pretty good to me. December 2021. Related entries.

734: Glastonbury Brewery | Lady of the Lake

The brewery: “We set to work back in 2006, bravely challenging the traditional values of the UK beer market.  At the time, real ale was under-represented and largely unexciting…..In 2008 we took the leap and moved the brewery to a larger site.  More space and better equipment enabled us to experiment and diversify.  We continued to deliver a broad range of real ales, but expanded into the territory now known as craft beer – small batch, highly experimental brews that ignore the rules to focus on flavour.” The beer: “Mysterious and enchanting, this gorgeous ale will beguile you with a subtly malty caramel flavour. Robust full bodied bitterness. Deliciously Malty. Hints of aromatic vanilla and fruit.” It took over eight years but I finally got to return to the superb Old Oaks campsite last October and in doing so was able to renew my acquaintance with the offerings from the Glastonbury Brewing Co, an entry for which you will find right at the beginning of this blog. This didn’t dis

733: Box Steam | Piston Broke

The brewery: “Phew, where has the time gone? We’ve been brewing for almost 15 years……Our roots are firmly in the West Country, where we continue to be inspired by the engineering triumphs of the late great Isambard Kingdom Brunel.” The beer: “The talented Isambard Kingdom Brunel didn’t get everything right. His early trains were propelled by pistons sealed by leather valves – leather that proved fatally vulnerable to damp, cold weather. It’s reassuring to learn that even the one of the greatest Britons sometimes ends up Piston Broke. A robust golden ale, refreshingly hoppy with bittersweet fruity aromas, Piston Broke is a blend of Goldings and Cascade hops that never fails, whatever the weather.” Definitely one served a bit colder on a warm summers’ night – as far as my taste buds are concerned anyway. Pleasant though. 4.5% A.B.V. October 2021. Related entries.