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518: Saltaire – South Island Pale

The Brewery: “International award-winning Saltaire Brewery is in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Formed in 2005, it has enjoyed brewing hand crafted ales since 2006. Our beers have won more than 100 trade awards, including two national championship brews and two international gold medals for our Triple Chocoholic Stout. “ The Beer : “One of our most popular cask ales – bottled for the first time! A clean beer with cool, crisp, fruitiness from New Zealand hops grown at Tasman Bay. It’s a flavoursome beer that belies its lower ABV.” Yeah, a bit fruity for me but they’ve really packed some flavour into a nice light beer. Just 3.5% A.B.V but tastes stronger. I’ve said it many times before about this style of beer – but served a bit colder on a warm summers night it would go down really well indeed. February 2018

517: Hepworth – Sussex

The Brewery: “Hepworths, based in Stane Street Pulborough, West Sussex, are award winning brewers of Craft Beer and contemporary  beers made with the honed skills of craftsmen. Acclaimed as Supreme Champion in 2012, our success is attributable to the high quality of our ingredients, the traditional methods we employ and the long experience that results in the perfect pint. And, in fact, a lot of pints. Currently over 2 million, mostly currently consumed in the South East, but some exported for appreciation in Russia, Norway and Italy The beer: “Sussex is a well hopped traditional Pale Ale. Thirst quenching and traditionally brewed with the finest Sussex grown ingredients: malted barley, Golding and Admiral Hops. It carries the ‘Warranty of Origin’ to guarantee our commitment to creating excellent beers from the highest quality local ingredients.” Another local ale from  over the border in West Sussex, it didn’t offend but neither did it excite – but then it’s not my favourite style of

516: Harveys – Copperwheat

What they say: “Copperwheat is named after the fictitious Lewes brewers in Mrs. Dudeny’s novel ‘Seed Pods’ (1927). Originally inspired by SIBA’s Wheat Beer challenge in 2001. It is best served chilled. Tasting Notes: Brewed with malted wheat and barley, this ‘Kristal Weissbier’ contains only English hops. Harveys own brewing liquor and yeast strain are employed but the result is a very continental flavour. It has been described as “wheat and sweet” but it still retains the typical dry palate and is extremely moreish.” Really liked this and loved the of dryness and didn’t find it too sweet. Should have chilled it a little more though. 4.8% A.B.V. February 2018

515: Vale Brewery – Red Kite

What they say: “Deep red in colour, reminiscent of it’s avian namesake, with big malt flavours and a strong hop finish.”   Another tasty beer from the gang at Vale, the malt flavours did a good job of reigning in those hops for my fussy palate. 4.3% A.B.V. February 2018

514: McMullen - Hertford Castle

What they say: “A fine brew from McMullen at The Whole Hop Brewery, combining natural whole leaf arome hops, best Suffolk malted barley and McMullen’s own pure spring water. Late hopping adds a subtlety to the traditional recipe, creating a truly distinctive taste for the ale connoisseur.” I first tried McMullen beers just over a year ago at one of their pubs near Enfield and enjoyed them all so was delighted to find another, this time in bottled form. Strong, but didn’t taste especially so to my palate. Enjoyed. 5.0% A.B.V. February 2018.

513: Tring – Ridgeway

What they say: “An ever popular stalwart of our range, Ridgeway is defined by the finest UK malts balanced with the fruity characteristics of Styrian Goldings hops. This is a classic English ale at it’s most refined and drinkable……..We particularly like this one with rich hearty meals. A boeuf bourguignon or mushroom stroganoff on a cold winters evening.” Well, I didn’t get to pair this with anything as exotic but it did make a very nice accompaniment to a packet of cheddars.  This was the first beer I’ve tried from this Hertfordshire brewery, p rocured during our stay at the Wyatts Covert CAMC site in Denham, Bucks in October 2017. It’s been sitting in the cupboard for far too long. An enjoyable pint,  well 500ml then! 4.0% A.B.V. February 2018