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900: Langton | Union Wharf

The beer: " In the beginning Langton Brewery started at the back of the Bell Inn, East Langton in 1999. Originally, the brewery only intended to supply the pub and the local cricket club over the road. However, people started to really enjoy drinking the beer, and the team rather enjoyed crafting it. Especially after the head brewer came up with a little recipe called Inclined Plane.  So it was decided to up production and move Langton Brewery to the idyllic Grange farm at Thorpe Langton, Leicestershire in 2005." The beer: "A full-bodied copper coloured ale named after the famous Union Wharf in Market Harborough, Leicestershire.  Generous additions of Centennial hops yields a soft citrus flavour.  Dry hopping delivers a fruity nose and fresh finish." Sourced by a caravanning friend who helps me seek out new beers when on her travels, this was a tasty well rounded beer, very enjoyable indeed. Not too fruity, just right. 4.0% A.B.V. July 2023

899: Brightside | Citra Hop IPA

The brewery:  "We started trial brewing on a home brewery kit back in early 2009 when the country was in the depths of the recession, which is partly how the name Brightside arose. That and the fact that we also like The Killers!.....These days we’re an established name in Manchester, with a reputation for quality consistency and service. Our beers can be found in many of the free of tie pubs and bars in the city, out towards Crewe and Chester in the South, through the Wirral, and up to Preston in the North (in fact, across much of the UK by way of swapped casks with partner breweries and wholesalers)." The beer: Not on their website but a tweet said this: "Citra hops give it its big mouthfeel of pure fruit hop character. Why not give it a try if you see it on a tap in your local" On a visit to Rake Hall this was my second pint and the only beer left I hadn't previously tried so, despite it clearly not being my thing, in the interests of research I gave it a go

898: Oaks | Old Bull & Bush

The brewery: "In 2017 we picked the perfect spot for our Brewery. Liverpool just up the road, Manchester and the glorious Dales off to the East and Wales just a short drive South. We couldn't have picked a better stop up ere' to brew what we love." The beer: "A smooth traditional dark ale. Hints of caramel, dried fruit and biscuit." Traditional bitter it said and traditional bitter it was - very tasty. Full bodied without being too strong. Rake Hall , Cheshire. July 2023.

897: St Peter's | Plum Porter

The brewery: "St. Peter’s Brewery is one of England’s original craft breweries, founded in 1996 in former traditional agricultural buildings alongside the moated St. Peter’s Hall, deep in the picturesque Suffolk countryside." The beer: "A dark, sweet, full-bodied plum porter. Background notes of damson and blackcurrant are followed by the fruitiness of the plum in flavour and aroma." As it said on the bottle, very plummy - and very enjoyable.  Very intense flavours so one I'd enjoy occasionally rather than in a session. July 2023. Related entries.  

896: Ringwood | Boon Doggle

The brewery: "Situated in the historic market town of Ringwood on the western edge of the New Forest the Ringwood Brewery was founded in 1978." See 'About' for more details. The beer:  Again, not really my thing, but someone was kind enough to buy it and I was grateful enough to drink it! July 2023. Related entries

895: Exeter Brewery | 'Fraid Not

The brewery: Check out their 'About' video HERE The beer: "Our IPA. Deep golden straw in colour, this ale has a terrific hoppy aroma. ‘fraidNot® is our hoppiest ale and has distinct bitterness and consequence dry finish.....S tyle: IPA. Golden Hoppy Ale....... Tasting Notes: Distinct bitterness and dry finish." Yeah, a bit too hoppy for me but it was the only one on offer that I'd yet to sample. Might have gone down a bit better if the sun was out but it was raining!  Bishop , Kingston-upon-Thames, July 2023. Related entries