Thursday, 14 October 2021

722: Chuckling Cheese Co. | Old codger

The last of three ales in a gift set received for my birthday and undoubtedly my favourite - I do love ruby ales as regulars will know. No idea who the brewery is but very enjoyable nonetheless. 4.8% A.B.V.

August 2021

721: Chuckling Cheese Co. | Golden Oldie

The second in a gift pack from some dear friends to celebrate a recent birthday. Unable to ascertain the actual brewery but very nice nonetheless. A classic golden ale. 5.0% A.B.V.

August 2021

720: Chuckling Cheese Co. | Get Funked

The first of a set of three beers gifted by some friend for a certain birthday milestone. They came from The Chuckling Cheese Company but I have been unable to ascertain who they were actually brewed by.

No matter though, it was a very tasty IPA that benefited from being served a little colder to keep those pesky hops in check. A nice drop. 4.8% A.B.V.

August 2021

719: Ennerdale | Darkest

The brewery: "Formed in 2010 as The Ennerdale Brewery in the small hamlet of Croasdale, Ennerdale, we have always been a family-run business with many relatives involved!....In November 2014, with the help of Barclays Bank, we moved into our new home in Rowrah. We’re still here to this day, close to the beautiful Lake District valley and lake that gives us our name and our inspiration."

The beer: "A dark bitter, it is a more potent brew than our other beers, but it remains remarkably quaffable. With a rich, velvety texture, a definite chocolate flavour and a creamy head, this beer has converted hundreds of ‘light beer’ drinkers to the dark side. "

Another from my time in the Lake District procured from the excellent Booth's and another really tasty dark ale - it didn't come across as heavy though and one I could have happily sunk several of. Top stuff. 4.2% A.B.V.

August 2021.

718: Lancaster | Lancaster Black

The brewery: "From humble beginnings in a tired old shed located on the outskirts of Lancaster, the brewery grew rapidly and reached production capacity in 2009. The new premises boasts a shop, bar, restaurant, function space and regular brewery tours..... Lancaster Brewery has four popular beers that form our core range - Lancaster Blonde, Amber, Red and Black and we also produce monthly specials and seasonal beers from our purpose built brewery located on the outskirts of Lancaster."

The beer: "Lancaster Black is a British stout for the connoisseur. Jet black in colour, it is a complex traditional dark brew with subtle hints of coffee and dark chocolate. An excellent fusion of malt, oats and wheat expertly balanced with Challenger, Perle and Cascade hops."

Another great find in Booth's during my stay in the North-West of England. A superb stout that really hit the spot. Delicious. 4.5% A.B.V.

August 2021.

Tuesday, 21 September 2021

717: Hawkshead | Porter

The brewery:  "Hawkshead Brewery began in 2002, in a barn just outside the village of Hawkshead in the Lake District...... In 2006 we relocated to the Mill Yard, beside the River Kent at Staveley, brewing on a new 20 barrel Brewhouse and built a brewery tap - The Beer Hall. In 2018 we commissioned a new state of the art Krones Brewkit and began work on our new Brewery in Flookburgh which was fully functional later that year in September."

The beer: "A modern dark beer, with aromas of dark chocolate, treacle sweet flavours, roasted bitterness with a surprisingly hoppy finish from American Cascade hops."

 Another tasty ale from the Hawkshead stable, I didn't find it too hoppy at all, a nice mix of flavours. Full bodied but not too heavy at 4.9% A.B.V.

August 2021. Related entries.

716: Lakeland Brewhouse | Bitter

The brewery: "The Lakeland Brewhouse (formerly Stringers Beer) is based in the South Lakeland market town of Ulverston. It all started with our Head Brewer Jon Kyme, a man with a passion, and since 2008 we have been creating a variety of real ales which have become popular with beer aficionados and occasional drinkers alike....Managing Director Kirsty Ridge acquired the brewery in 2018, and now the female owned brewery's ales can be found across the North.”

The beer: “Copper coloured with a sweet, soft aroma which leads into a full mouthfeel with a solid bitter finish”

As enjoyable as it's stablemate Stout - see recent entry - a lovely quaffable bitter. Related entries.

The Commodore Inn, Grange-over-Sands. August 2021.