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Thwaites - Original Best Bitter

What they say: A beer that’s as Original today as it was in 1807, when Daniel Thwaites himself began brewing. This refreshing amber bitter is brewed using premium grade Maris Otter malt and a blend of traditional English hops including Goldings and Fuggles for a malty flavour with a delicate dry finish. Less well know perhaps - at least in our neck of the woods - than it’s stable mate Wainwrights, I came across this is in B & M Bargains in Whitley whilst on our travels in the north east. Put simply, it’s one of my favourite bottled beers, hitting all the right spots. It tasted - to me anyway - a little similar to my beloved London Pride, but whereas LP hits you with 4.7% A.B.V this weighs in at just 3.6%. I’ll be looking to pick up some more of these but I suspect they may not get as far as the south coast.

Gadds - No. 3

What they say: Kent hops are the best, best in a sparkling, bright, pale ale that's best drunk in the sparkling Kent sunshine, where the hops grow best. I use Goldings for a tangy, slightly astringent bitterness with Fuggles for earthy balance (and some others that I don't talk about). Suffice to say this is good, clean Kent Pale Ale. Yeah, definitely more of a summer beer and the Kentish hops more pronounced than in the tasty No. 5 . A decent offering from this Ramsgate based brewery. Cliftonville, Kent. February 2015.

Gadds - No. 5

What they say: A bottled conditioned Kentish Best Bitter in the proper way one ought to be, with a majestic balance of biscuity, fruity malt & spicy, tangy Kentish hops. When you've been away drinking 'craft' this and 'craft' that you'll want to come home to a well brewed Best Bitter. This is a special, every day beer, because every day is special…. Found in the bar of the delightful Walpole Bay Hotel in Cliftonville and brewed just a few miles away in Ramsgate. Sadly only on offer in the bottle here and straight from the shelf in a very warm bar or from an ice cold fridge. I encouraged the Portly Partner to try one and we combined them to get a couple of pints that were about the right temperature - and very tasty it was too. The Kentish hops didn’t make themselves know too much and it was a very nice pint. I look forward to trying it on draught next time we’re down that way. Cliftonville, Kent February 2015.

Butcombe - Brunel Atlantic IPA

What they say: A 4.1% IPA that maintains the classic bitterness and robustness of the style but with the addition of beautifully fruity American hops and all at an ABV that can be enjoyed all night. Impressively strong and full-flavoured for its ABV, this is a piece of classic and bold Butcombe engineering! ‘Atlantic’ is the little cousin of our bottled Brunel IPA at 5%. As regulars may have guessed, this wasn’t my cup of tea - just too hoppy and flowery. A shame because I love Butcombe’s Bitter, it’s just divine. Oh well, can’t win ‘em all. As always, clicking on the photo will take you to the brewery website. February 2015, West Sussex.

Navigation - Tight Head

What they say: The Anchorman in the scrum, this chestnut coloured stalwart is full of British hops and strong in flavour with malt and nutty flavours and an aroma to match. Always first into action and a solidly reliable pint. The latest to guest at our local is this seasonal offering from this Nottinghamshire based brewery. Needless to say the name caused a few schoolboy sniggers…. Served at perfect temperature and in excellent condition - as ales always are  here, but a bit too hoppy for me. I went back to the excellent Harveys Sussex Best . 4.1% A.B.V