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599: Black Wolf Brewery | Valente’s Double Espresso

20190630_155408The Brewery: “Many moons ago, in the black of the night, Viking invaders were about to attack our hometown of Stirling, when a howling wolf alerted the defenders, who saved the town. We raise a glass to that wolf. The Black Wolf.”

The Beer: “Straddling beer and coffee, this stylish libation is both Alpha and Omega. With a welcoming aroma created from double strength coffee beans, accompanied by a silky smooth texture and a rich dark nature, it is clear as a full moon why it was awarded gold at the 2012 World Beer Awards……This sumptuous mocha brew is an excellent beer to imbibe with a decadent desert or as an avant-garde aperitif.”

Well this was certainly different – I’ve never tasted anything quite like it – and the aroma as soon as the top was off was very inviting – but then I like coffee anyway. Certainly not one to be guzzled – the flavour is very intense and it is 6% A.B.V – but one to sip and savour. June 2019.

The Scottish Real Ale Shop, Kilmahog, Stirling.