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600: Loch Ness Brewery | Dark Ness

20190630_173145The Brewery: “The Loch Ness Brewing Company was first created adjacent to the shores of the mysterious stretch of water and home to the world’s most infamous monster – “Nessie”…….In late 2016 The Loch Ness Beer brand was rescued by a partnership between two well established Highland businesses - The Cobbs Group and Cairngorm Brewery. By pooling together resources the brand was rescued, ensuring it's continuation as a Highland produced craft beer…….The award winning Cairngorm Brewery has taken the reigns in developing an extended range of Loch Ness Beers - influenced by their brewing heritage. Loch Ness Beer was back on the shelves before Nessie had a chance to make her next appearance!”

The Beer: “A full, flavoursome stout, with chocolate malt & roast barley combining beautifully with clear Highland Water…..A creamy head with aromas of coffee & sweet chocolate, leading to hints of espresso & luxurious black cherry.”

Is is only fitting that the last of my beers from Scotland for now is another milestone in the Archives’ existence and a very worthy marker it was too. Another lovely rich full bodied stout whose taste wasn’t at all diminished, having followed on soon after the intense Double Espresso. June 2019.

The Scottish Real Ale Shop, Kilmahog, Stirling