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552: Star Wing - Gospel Oak

The Brewery: “ In 1877 a redbrick Sawmill stood proud, looking across the fields of rural Suffolk. In its dust, nearly 150 years later, awakes Star Wing Brewery. Still a place where craft and industry meet, the tree rings of old are laid bare and new lines are drawn”…. “Ever since the real ale revolution, the choice for us beer lovers has been greater than we could have ever dreamed. More micro-breweries are popping up every day, producing unique and exciting brews, virtually pouring ‘craft’ beer into our overflowing pint glasses. But what now? Is it still a Revolution? Or are enough people shunning lousy lagers and filling their boots with alternative ale? Either way, here at Star Wing we’re not interested in fads and phases. We’re interested in leaving a lasting taste, planting firm roots in our idyllic surroundings and giving mid Suffolk a brewery to be proud of” The Beer: “A delectable session beer, made in line with the classic British style. This copper hued bitter is well balan