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597: Hadrian Border Brewery | Secret Kingdom

20190623_194020The Brewery: “The foundations were laid on 9th June 1994 when we took over the Border Brewery Company in Berwick upon Tweed (pictured). This was an 8 barrel brew plant with 15 barrels of fermenting capacity, selling 2 barrels per week at that time”…read more

The Beer: “Dark, rich and full-bodied slightly roasted with a malty palate ending with a pleasant bitterness.”

Not north of the border this one so a bit of an imposter in this series of Scottish ales procured during a stay with friends in Falkirk over Easter. It’s a very welcome one though as it was a lovely drop and much preferred over their Farne Island, sampled during our stay in Tyne & Wear last year. 4.3% A.B.V. June 2019.

The Scottish Real Ale Shop, Kilmahog, Stirling.