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Cropton - Two Pints Bitter

What they say: Classic bitter using Challenger & Goldings hops giving a strong hoppy flavour with a nutty aftertaste With typical Yorkshire modesty it’s called two pints because it’s twice as good as the opposition! I wouldn’t go that far but it was an enjoyable enough ale from this young micro brewery formed in 2012. 4.0% A.B.V Robin Hoods Bay, North Yorkshire. March 2015.

HB Clark - Merrie City - Atlantic Hop

What they say: American hops are currently extremely sought after to satisfy the growing demands from UK brewers and drinkers. We have managed to secure stocks of the popular Amarillo hop from across the water and have mixed it with the ever-reliable British Bramling Cross hop to form this fantastic new session craft cask ale. The pale amber craft ale has a fresh, citrus aroma and a tropical, fruity taste, whilst the unique blend of hops leave a bitter-sweet aftertaste on the tongue. Procured whilst staying on the North Yorkshire Coast was this offering from West Yorkshire brewery H.B. Clark. In good nick but regulars will know from the above description that it’s not my thing. A good summer beer though. 4.0% A.B.V. The Black Bull, Ugthorpe, North Yorkshire. March 2015

Wold Top - Bitter

What they say: Wold Top Bitter is a light amber coloured, crisp clean aromatic session bitter. Home grown Barley malt and Northdown hops give an unusually full flavour and a long hoppy finish for its abv. Heading south from Northumberland, our next stop was at Lythe, just up the coast from Whitby in North Yorkshire. The village pub was conveniently located at the end of the entrance to the campsite and with poor phone signals and no WiFi on site, nightly visits to the ‘office’ were necessary! What a lovely pint this was. Pretty much everything I like in a bitter and at 3.7% A.B.V not too heavy either. The Stiddy , Lythe North Yorkshire. March 2015

Marston’s - Strong Pale Ale

What they say: Marston’s Strong Pale Ale was first brewed before the Great War and was voted the World Champion Beer at the Brewing Industry Awards. Today, Marston’s Strong is brewed using a cool, slow fermentation process together with the finest quality barley and Fuggles and Goldings whole hops. Combining our expertise and artistry at brewing with exceptional ingredients results in a smooth, strong and very quaffable beer with a superb flavour and robust colour At 6.2% A.B.V definitely one to be sipped. Too strong for me but another bargain from B & M during our time in Northumberland. March 2015.

Sadler’s - Peaky Blinder

What they say: Brewed with Five different malts and five different hop varieties. Dark and delicious yet refreshing and hoppy. The first bottled beer to be sampled on our spring caravan trip to the North East and good old B & M in Tynemouth came to the rescue with a selection, most of which were less than £1.50. I didn’t find it too hoppy, but not quite  bitter enough for my palate. It was black though! 4.6% A.B.V so not one to slosh back. March 2015

Hadrian Border - Secret Kingdom

What they say: Dark, rich and full-bodied slightly roasted with a malty palate ending with a pleasant bitterness. The first beer to be ‘researched’ on our recent trip to Northumberland in the caravan and it didn’t disappoint. A fine dark bitter that sadly ran out after a couple of days partly thanks to our over enthusiastic ‘research’!     The Railway Inn , Acklington, Northumberland. March 2015.

Theakston - Best Bitter

What they say: The definitive English Bitter. This fine golden-coloured beer has a full flavour that lingers pleasantly on the palate. With good bitter sweet balance, this beer has a subtle hop character described as citrus and spicy. It’s a refreshing and very satisfying pint – noted for the aroma of its Fuggle hops and the dry hopping of Bramling Cross to add to its characteristic Theakston aroma Yes, a great Best Bitter but I did find it a little too gassy, even though it was hand pulled. Apart from that - great stuff. 4.0% A.B.V. The White House , Whitby, North Yorkshire. March 2015

Ship Inn Brewery - Dolly Daydream

What they say? “Dark ruby red robust full bodied ale, slight toffee edge with a subtle vine fruit finish ” Clearly my taste buds are less complex than some as I don't recall the toffee of fruits but I do remember a damn fine pint from this brewery by the sea. Brewed out the back and served in the pub out the front right on the coast. The Ship Inn , Low Newton, Northumberland. March 2015.

Ship Inn Brewery - Emblestones

What they say? Rich malty, amber, toasted sesame & spicy cedar & pine. Brewed on site by the coast at the delightful Ship Inn in Low Newton, Northumberland, I found it to be quite malty but very drinkable still. A nice pint. March 2015