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598: Skye | Red

20190626_210516The Brewery: “One evening in 1992, some schoolteacher friends met in a local pub – and conversation turned to the lack of good beer on Skye. Someone jokingly suggested that setting up a brewery would be the only way to remedy the situation. At the time there were just six small independent breweries in Scotland – and none on Skye. Could it really work? It could, and it did. Three years later, we were finally ready to brew our first ale – Red Cuillin. It was such a success, we still brew it to the same recipe today. Only the name has changed – we now call it Skye Red.”

The Beer: “Malted barley is a vital part of the Scottish brewing tradition. We use three different varieties to create the deep colour and smooth nuttiness; each grain is milled right here in our brewery, giving us complete control over flavour and freshness. Then we balance this rich brew with just the right amount of Challenger and Fuggle hops.”

Having enjoyed a bottle of Sky Black back in 2016 I was keen to try another another beer from them. My keenness was rewarded with another great tasting ale. I hope the opportunity to try more Skye ales presents itself soon. 4.2% A.B.V. June 2019.

The Scottish Real Ale Shop, Kilmahog, Stirling.