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594: Arran Brewery | Sunset

20190621_205604The Brewery: “Combining the art of traditional brewing methods with the island’s unique water and only the finest natural ingredients the brewery produces a wide range of beers and ales to suit every palette”………”Nestled between the islands largest mountain, Goatfell and the imposing Brodick Castle lies Arran Brewery which has been brewing award winning craft beer for over a decade.”

The Beer: Nose: Citrusy grapefruit notes are abundant, backed up with some essences of used leather and a scent of smokiness to finish off….Palate: Powerful flavour of citrus fruits from the hops. There are dry notes of grape fruit, wood, some smoke just like the aroma of the beer….Finish: Soft fizzy mouth feel throughout with a rather clean and crisp finish; very light-bodied and mild flavoured ale.”

Yep, you’re right, I wasn’t keen, just too citrusy for me. Nothing wrong with it, it was crystal clear but I certainly didn’t find it mild flavoured. I’d avoid it in a bar unless there was nothing else. Each to their own of course and one for a hot summers night perhaps, around the BBQ.

4.4% A.B.V. The Real Ale Shop, Kilmahog, Stirling. June 2019