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771: Papworth | Robin Goodfellow

20220512_090047The brewery: “Papworth Brewery is the inevitable outcome of a beer-loving scientist becoming disillusioned with his career. Chances are that you’re a beer lover too and can understand why someone would give up a successful 25 year career to brew beer. It’s got to be more interesting than most other jobs, right? Well, that’s the way our beer-loving scientist saw it. When “job satisfaction” is the taste of a good pint, who can argue?”

The beer: “Robin Goodfellow is a shrewd and knavish sprite, the merry wanderer of the night. This full bodied ale is rich with dark fruit flavours and a mischievously smooth yet hoppy finish that belies its strength….Heavy and complex malts softened with dark fruit flavours, leading to a distinct velvety hop finish“.

My second from the Papworth stable and equally as enjoyable. Quite potent at 5.4% A.B.V and bottle conditioned.

Coton Orchard, May 2022. Related entries