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770: Papworth | Old Riverport Stout

20220512_090040The brewery: “Papworth Brewery is the inevitable outcome of a beer-loving scientist becoming disillusioned with his career. Chances are that you’re a beer lover too and can understand why someone would give up a successful 25 year career to brew beer. It’s got to be more interesting than most other jobs, right? Well, that’s the way our beer-loving scientist saw it. When “job satisfaction” is the taste of a good pint, who can argue?”

The beer: “Named after the Old Riverport of St Ives, once a busy inland port and just a few miles upstream of our brewery in Earith on the River Great Ouse in Cambridgeshire. This traditional stout is silky smooth and ouses flavour, with rich cocoa, coffee and caramel notes in abundance.”

Seemingly endless visits to garden centres with my late mother-in-law - where she was interested in anything except the plants - have instilled in me a sense of foreboding of such places. However, when showing some friends around Cambridgeshire recently we stopped at one for lunch - and found a range of ales from a brewery that had, so far, not crossed my radar. I picked three and the first to pass my lips was this - very much a traditional stout and very enjoyable. Bottled condition though so store upright and pour carefully.  Coton Orchard. May 2022. Related entries