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767: Wantsum | Golgotha

20220501_172806The brewery: “In 2009, James Sandy started brewing “Fortitude” the first of what has become an extensive range of beers all named after people or pivotal events in Kent’s history…..Wantsum Brewery takes its name from the Wantsum Channel, the watercourse separating the Isle of Thanet and what was the mainland of the English county of Kent.”

The beer: “A rich, deep and broad malt base gives this stout a very long smooth finish with plenty of oats for added body and creaminess. Hops are prominent on the nose with blackcurrant, liquorice and cedar. “

And very tasty it was too, although several ales had already passed my lips by this point. A great find during an impromptu weekend in Margate.

The Lifeboat, Margate. May 2022.