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746: Wold Top | Marmalade Porter

20220329_165736The brewery: “Wold Top was founded in 2003 by farmers Tom and Gill, who were looking at different ways to sustain the family farm with diversification and hit on brewing as their solution!…..Our family has farmed 600 acres high on the Yorkshire Wolds for generations and our aim is to continue to do so! Sustainability is key, we want to work in balance with nature so we grow trees and hedges to offset the carbon footprint, we plant areas for birds and wildlife, we consider the bees that are essential for the pollination of the crops and we use crop rotations to keep the soil in good heart. We also use renewable energy from our own wind turbines and have our own water supply from natural chalk aquifers under the farmland.”

The beer: “A complex rich dark porter with a sweet malty base, overtones of bitter orange and hints of coffee and chocolate.”

It’s nearly six years since I last had a Wold Top beer so I was delighted to find this in Asda whilst staying in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Another very tasty porter, I enjoyed this immensely. 5.0% A.B.V. March 2022. Related entries.