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742: Red Willow | Heritage Porter

20220216_121628The brewery: “2010 - Toby and Caroline McKenzie start RedWillow brewery. First official RedWillow beer, Directionless, launches at the Treacle Tap and other pubs across Macclesfield. 2012 -Expanded into 12brl brewery, another brewer brought on board….2015 -  Building of new brewery spans over six months, moves over to new site and increases production to an average 80 barrels a week.”

The beer: ”Taking inspiration from 19th Century recipes this is a traditional full bodied porter, brewed with a blend of dark malts, generously hopped with a hint of chocolate and robust bitterness”


A lovely pint in a fabulous boozer hidden away just off Hatton garden in London. Quite possibly my new favourite London boozer. Well worth a look.

Ye Olde Mitre, Holborn, London. February 2022.