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733: Box Steam | Piston Broke

20211025_173905The brewery: “Phew, where has the time gone? We’ve been brewing for almost 15 years……Our roots are firmly in the West Country, where we continue to be inspired by the engineering triumphs of the late great Isambard Kingdom Brunel.”

The beer: “The talented Isambard Kingdom Brunel didn’t get everything right. His early trains were propelled by pistons sealed by leather valves – leather that proved fatally vulnerable to damp, cold weather. It’s reassuring to learn that even the one of the greatest Britons sometimes ends up Piston Broke. A robust golden ale, refreshingly hoppy with bittersweet fruity aromas, Piston Broke is a blend of Goldings and Cascade hops that never fails, whatever the weather.”

Definitely one served a bit colder on a warm summers’ night – as far as my taste buds are concerned anyway. Pleasant though. 4.5% A.B.V.

October 2021. Related entries.