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738: Riverside Brewery | Sneaky Steamer

IMG-20210918-WA0000The brewery: “Nestled in the South Downs, alongside the winding River Adur, we brewed our first batch of the now-classic Beeding Best in 2015. Since then we have widened our range to include seasonal winners, a contemporary lager, a rather splendid mead and collaborations with local charities.”

The beer: “One of our directors has a passion for steam engines. His Burrell steam traction engine “Lion Lord of the Forest” was built in 1916 and can often be seen being driven around the locality. Four different hops are used in this beer giving it a pine / floral characteristic with a hint of grapefruit.”

It’s always good to try local beers and that was brewed just over the ‘border’ in West Sussex. As you may have guessed from the description, not one of my favourites but pleasant enough. 5.1% A.B.V.

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