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741: Moor Beer Company | Illumination

20220213_114644The brewery: “NATURAL LIVE BEER SINCE 2007.Always live, always natural, always vegan friendly. Moor pioneered the naturally hazy, unfined beer movement in 2007, firmly believing that adding isinglass finings (fish guts) to beer is unnecessary and harmful. Natural carbonation with live yeast is at the heart of everything we brew. It’s what makes our beers vegan friendly and what gives them such an enhanced flavour, aroma and mouthfeel that simply can’t be replicated.”

The beer: “That light at the end of the tunnel illuminates your journey. Ours started with the rawest form of an untraditional best bitter. Today we find ourselves setting off in a new direction that is even more welcoming, like a pub fire after a long walk. Naturally carbonated with live yeast. Unfiltered, unpasteurised, unfined. Vegan friendly.”

And blimmin’ tasty. A great best bitter. Cloudy as unfined but don’t let that put you off. Looking to sample more of their wares. 4.3% A.B.V.

Westow House, February 2022.