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734: Glastonbury Brewery | Lady of the Lake

20211025_182953The brewery: “We set to work back in 2006, bravely challenging the traditional values of the UK beer market.  At the time, real ale was under-represented and largely unexciting…..In 2008 we took the leap and moved the brewery to a larger site.  More space and better equipment enabled us to experiment and diversify.  We continued to deliver a broad range of real ales, but expanded into the territory now known as craft beer – small batch, highly experimental brews that ignore the rules to focus on flavour.”

The beer: “Mysterious and enchanting, this gorgeous ale will beguile you with a subtly malty caramel flavour. Robust full bodied bitterness. Deliciously Malty. Hints of aromatic vanilla and fruit.”

It took over eight years but I finally got to return to the superb Old Oaks campsite last October and in doing so was able to renew my acquaintance with the offerings from the Glastonbury Brewing Co, an entry for which you will find right at the beginning of this blog.

This didn’t disappoint – a delicious beer – just what my palate enjoys the most. 4.2% A.B.V.

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