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712: Unsworth’s Yard Brewery| Cartmel Peninsula

The brewery: "Unsworth’s Yard Brewery was opened in January 2012 by brothers Peter and David Unsworth. The yard that gives the brewery its name was developed by the brothers from their family’s haulage and garage business which had previously operated on this site, opposite Cartmel Priory, continuously since 1922."

The beer: "Style: Amber Best Bitter Tasting: mellow with a sweet, slightly caramel finish Provenance: English grown, floor malted, Maris Otter barley. Traditional variety Kent hops. Behind the name: recognises the historical location of the Cartmel Peninsula in Lancashire, North of the Sands, before its inclusion in Cumbria resulting from the Local Government Act of 1972.

Also called Peninsula Best, this was procured whilst visiting the delightful village of Cartmel, along with some sticky toffee pudding for which the village is more famous. Pleasant although it lacked a little body for me. It  would make a good session beer at 3.8% A.B.V.

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