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581: Tryst | Lade Out

The Brewery: “Situated in Larbert, Tryst Brewery has been producing quality ales since 2003. John McGarva, owner and head brewer, is always focusing on adding new twists to traditional recipes to create unique takes on classic ales. All of our brews are made with Scottish malt from Mungoswells in East Lothian with additions from Bairds Malt to add depth of colour and flavour. To keep our beers evolving we use hops from all over the globe allowing for a broad range of tastes and aromas.”

The Beer: “A robust & satisfying dark ale with a complex flavour of dark chocolate & liquorice that is rewarding on the palate.”

Much more ‘full-on’ than the Lade Back it was another very satisfying pint accompanying an excellent meal at the Lade Inn. Well worth a stop if you find yourself in this neck of the woods at the Scottish Real Ale shop next door is heaven on earth. 5.1% A.B.V

The Lade Inn, Kilmahog, Perthshire. April 2019