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574: Hook Norton | Crafty Fox

The Brewery: “Sitting in its beautiful, mellow Cotswold Hills landscape, Hook Norton is a proudly independent and passionate family business that takes the very best of its handcrafted brewing heritage and combines it with a thoroughly modern approach, to create a range of real ales for today’s drinkers to enjoy…… Hook Norton is one of only 32 family owned breweries and is the finest example of a Victorian Tower Brewery in the country.

The Beer: There’s nothing about this on the Hook Norton Brewery website however the range of Crafty Ales is from their ‘brewery within a brewery’ where they try out new recipes. Looks like it was a one off

I enjoyed this even though the hops were fairly prominent. A bit of an aftertaste though which I dealt with by….having another beer. 4.4% A.B.V.

The Manor House, Royston, Hertfordshire. April 2019