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831: Bragdy Cybi | Mor-ish Seaweed Ale

The brewery: "A long time ago, there was a hardworking man and a hard working woman, both in full time jobs. Then the husband was made redundant.  Faced with this new challenge, he decided he'd like to make beer. With no prior experience, he set about learning all he could about brewing. He immersed himself in books, youtube videos, courses and of course some real life market research! This is why Bragdy Cybi was born!"

The beer: This doesn't appear on their website sadly so I can only assume it was a special. I'll be honest I was a bit wary but was very enjoyable indeed - an interesting mix of flavours and one I'd certainly try again given the opportunity. 4.5% A.B.V.

December 2022. Related entries.