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813: Goddards | Ale of Wight

The brewery: "We’re the oldest brewery on the Isle of Wight and one of the first independent craft beer producers in the UK. Goddards has been brewing fine real ales in the beautiful surroundings of Barnsley Farm since 1993."

The beer: "A bright blonde ale, with delicate citrus notes, a fragrant hoppiness on the nose and a long lemongrass, grapefruit, scented hop palate from the infusion of Cascade, First Gold and Challenger hops."

Huge thanks to a fellow camper who went to great lengths to send me a selection of beers from the Isle of Wight. I've not visited for a number of years - and can't recall having anything local when there so it's been lovely trying some ales from there.

This wasn't as hoppy or citrusy as I feared from the label - in fact it was a very pleasant drop indeed and one I'd be happy to sink a few of one evening. Nothing fancy but a good honest ale that was much enjoyed.

December 2022