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817: Southwark Brewing | Bermondsey Best

The brewery: "Southwark Brewing Company was founded in 2014 by Peter Jackson and lifelong friend Andy Nichol. Peter had worked in the brewing industry since leaving university in 1981. There was only one problem.... he hadn't brewed a pint of beer in all that time, spending his time in sales and marketing. Enter master brewer Sean Franklin, a friend of over 25 years, and former owner of the award winning Roosters Brewery in Harrogate and pioneer of Hoppy Pale Ales. Via a complete home brew kit in his garage, Peter learnt the art of brewing to complement his knowledge of the theory! LPA, Bermondsey Best and Harvard all have their routes to his garage."

The beer: "Traditional English Best Bitter with the finest English ingredients, East Kent Goldings from the garden of England, produce a superbly balanced chestnut beer, with hints of caramel shortbread flavour and wonderful lavender, spice and honey hoppiness."

I'm sure there's plenty would question how 'Best' could be applied to any beer originating in that there London but I liked this immensely - a lovely combination of flavours and on offer in one of my favourite London boozers too.

Old Mitre, Hatton Garden, London. October 2022