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820: Harviestoun | Old Engine Oil

The brewery: "Harviestoun started life in a shed on 5th October 1983. Fanatical home brewer Ken Brooker hosted what would become his legendary Tuesday tasting nights sharing great beers with local friends. This ethos of simply producing superb beer that people love remains with the business to this day" Read more

The beer: "Old Engine Oil is a bitter-sweet beer with smoky notes and a lingering finish. Beautifully engineered with premium roasted malt for a velvety mouthfeel....This dark and rich stout was first created in 1999 for a well-known supermarket beer competition, which it won with resounding success. Ever since, it’s been a much-loved beer by the brewery and customers alike."
A lovely drop this, despite being served too cold - I was in a restaurant so it was probably bunched up with all the bottled lagers. Even more enjoyable at the proper temperature I'm sure.

The Ivy City Garden, London. October 2022.