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814: Yates | Santa's Ale

The brewery: "Yates Brewery are an independent brewer and wholesale drinks distributor across the Isle of Wight. The company has grown dramatically since it was established back in 2000, this has been achieved by building long sustainable relationships with all our customers....Whether it’s a light refreshing Summer drink, or a dark coloured Winter ale, we’ve got something for all tastes in our range of beers, all brewed by ourselves at our Newchurch Brewery."

The beer: "Amber Coloured ale with a slightly toasted sweet malty finish complimented with a hint of cinnamon."

Another tasty beer from the small Island - I liked the hint of cinnamon - a spice that features in a number of my batch cooking efforts. Not a flavour I'd want in a beer all year around but perfect for this time of year. Thanks again to Isle dweller and fellow camper Yolanda.

December 2022