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856: Sainsbury's (Badger) | Coronation Ale

The brewery: "A Badger beer is more than just a beer. It’s rich in history. Deep in character. Full of expertise. Crafted with the finest ingredients. And passionately made in our independent, family-owned brewery.....Each one is inspired by the beautiful county we call home - Dorset. Be it a mythical legend, a colourful tale or the stunning countryside that surrounds our riverside brewery.....And although a couple of our tales are mythical, you can always rely on every Badger beer to be distinctive, unique and packed with flavour.....Seven generations and nearly two-and-a-half centuries later, we’re still independent and brewing the finest, characterful beers"

The beer: "An English Extra Special Ale fit for a King, brewed in the heart of Dorset. This easy drinking ale is brewed using only the finest ingredients - Crystal and Chocolate malts for a toasted biscuit taste and the British noble Sovereign and Endeavour hops. It is a well-balanced, deep rich ale and is best served lightly chilled."

Delicious, nice and dark and at 7% A.B.V. it certainly packs a punch.

April 2023. Related entries