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850: Fullers | ESB

The brewery: "A story that's been brewing for some time. Immortalised in the name of one of our famous ales, 1845 is a year that will forever be Fuller's. It was then that the partnership papers of Fuller, Smith & Turner were officially signed, marking the start of something special for London's brewery scene."

The beer: "This famous strong ale is deep red in colour, with a powerful malt base complemented by a full array of hop flavours in perfect balance"

I was astonished to find that this wasn't in the archive, given I've put a few away over the years. It is, dare I say it, my favourite Fuller's ale, trumping even the delicious London Pride. At 5.9% A.B.V. its quite potent though and can creep up on you - and occasionally overtake! Top stuff.

March 2023. Related entries.