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732: Box Steam | Funnel Blower

20211024_180520The brewery: “Phew, where has the time gone? We’ve been brewing for almost 15 years……Our roots are firmly in the West Country, where we continue to be inspired by the engineering triumphs of the late great Isambard Kingdom Brunel.”

The beer: “On 7th Sept 1859 the largest ship the world had ever seen, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Great Eastern, was launched. It’s five black funnels, lined up like pints of porter on bar. However, two days later a build up of steam blew one of the Great Eastern’s funnels clean off. An event that years later inspired this porter’s name. Skilfully built from citrus Target, spicy Challenger and earthy Fuggle hops, our porter is a voyage of vanilla sweetness and bitter chocolate.”

Not my favourite porter but tasty enough and it was good to pick up some Box Steam beers again, whilst staying in Somerset, after a gap of a few years. Worth noting that ALL their beers are currently gluten free and suitable for vegans too. 4.5% A.B.V.

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