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620: Roosters Brewing Co. | London Thunder

20190824_112432The Brewery: “Having previously established Franklin’s Brewery in 1980, which he then sold in 1986, Sean Franklin founded Rooster’s Brewing Co. in 1993….Originators and innovators of quality, new world pale ales, with an emphasis on flavour and aroma, our beers start to stand out and turn heads amongst a sea of brown beer, with Yankee (our flagship pale ale) leading the way. “

The Beer: “A classic approach to a style of beer first developed in Victorian London. Roasted malt and chocolate flavours are abound in London Thunder; a smooth, dark porter brewed using a blend of seven malts and English hops.”

When in Rome - ok, London, drink a classic London Porter….brewed in Yorkshire. The journey south had done it no harm at all. A nice all around Porter. Full bodied at 4.2% A.B.V but not too heavy.

Pendrell’s Oak, Holborn, London. August 2019