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611: Tynt Meadow English Trappist Ale

20190807_172526The Brewery: “When the inviability of farming became obvious, we began to look for an alternative source of income and common work……..Brewing met our requirements. After much careful research and community discussion, we decided to revive the Abbey’s beer-making tradition……Although the historic recipe has been lost, we’re certain that the ale we’re brewing now is at least as delicious and nurturing……..We will keep the volume of production relatively small. Just enough to meet our expenses and support our charitable commitments. As of 2018, the brewery is our principal field of labour. All the work, from brewing to bottling and packaging, is done by the monks.”

The Beer: “Trappist beers tend to be named after the place in which the monastery is situated. We’ve called ours ‘Tynt Meadow’, to honour the link with the plot of land on which monastic life was refounded here in the Midlands almost two centuries ago. Being part of the great Trappist tradition, we’ve chosen to produce a strong dark ale, but one with a clearly English character.Tynt Meadow is mahogany-coloured, with a subtle, warm red hue, and a lasting beige head. Its aroma carries hints of dark chocolate, liquorice, and rich fruit flavours. The beer is full-bodied, gently balancing the taste of dark chocolate, pepper, and fig. It leaves a warm and dry finish on the palate.”

Quite simply: Yum. Gawd this was nice. Like many Trappist beers - quite potent at 7.4% A.B.V but once I’d learnt not to slosh it back like I normally do I could really appreciate the flavours. Fortunately I had a second bottle to er, research. I shall be investigating some more Trappist beers as some point. August 2019. Related entries.