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616: Black Sheep | Venus & Mars

20190818_161242The Brewery: “In 1992, Paul Theakston took a daring leap into the unknown. As a fifth generation brewer of his family company, he chose to leave T&R Theakstons following its sale to a national brewery. Instead, he chose to champion independent brewing in Yorkshire and built his own brewery from reclaimed equipment in the very same town, Masham. Paul is the Black Sheep.”

The Beer: “Our shepherds looked to the sky and across the universe. Venus, Goddess of beauty seduces the God of agriculture, Mars, to produce a beer which is out of this world….Venus & Mars is a perfectly balanced pint brewed with First Gold, Summit and Chinook hops to offer vibrant flavours of pine, stone fruit and orange pith. Pale ale and caramalt provide a sturdy backbone of smooth caramel.”

Another from the Lidl ale festival, this didn’t hit the spot - a little too fruity for my fussy palate. Nowt wrong with it, it just wasn’t for me. 4.5% A.B.V. August 2019. Related entries.