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566: York Brewery | First Light

The Brewery: “Since we opened our doors in May 1996, we have been passionately producing fine handcrafted real ales to the highest possible standards. Our ales are enjoyed in pubs all over the UK, but are particularly pleased that so many local drinkers choose our products, and we’re proud to have won numerous local and national awards over the years”

The Beer: “This incredibly easy drinking, creamy, straw-coloured ale has a light and fruity hop character and a fairly dry finish. The pale colour and creamy texture can be attributed to a grain bill comprising of only Pale Malt. The perfect partnership of US grown Amarillo and Willamette hops leads to a slightly spicy, almost floral aroma with a distinct tinge of orange, alongside an earthy fruitiness.”

I suspected from the description on the pump clip that this wouldn’t be a favourite but with it only being brewed in March I wanted to give it a go. However I stupidly opted for the stronger and richer Centurion’s Ghost first.  So, it’s flavour was compromised but the quality was without question. I’ll give it another go when the opportunity arises.

York Brewery Tap, York. March 2019