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Dawkins – Bristol Gold

20171006_202326What they say: “Crisp, refreshing, citrus. A very well-balanced, exceptionally refreshing golden beer brewed with the rare English Bramling Cross hops for a slightly spicy, fruity aroma and flavour…..First brewed as a house beer for our original pub, The Miner’s Arms in St Werburghs, where it is still the best selling beer under the name ‘Miner’s Gold’…..This is a recently revised recipe at 4.4% (from 4.0%) for a fuller, rounder flavour, still using all-British malt and hops……Good with food - Roast chicken, grilled fish, salads.”

The second from Dawkins and whilst I didn’t enjoy as much as the excellent Bristol Best, it was still very enjoyable. Would have prefered that they kept it at the original A.B.V though but that’s just me. Looking forward to trying others in their range when the opportunity arises. August 2017