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806: West Midlands | Black Country Ales | Fireside Bitter

The brewery: "When we bought The Old Bull’s Head pub in 1999 it came with a boarded up brick building at the rear that was referred to by the estate agents as “a two storey outhouse”. Imagine our amazement after the purchase when we finally entered the building to find three magnificent wooden fermenting vessels and other brewing equipment going back years. We love running pubs but there had never been any plan to brew our own beer until this great find. It took a few years to set up and we have had a lot of mistakes to learn from too but in 2004 beer started flowing again from the Gornal brewery."
The beer: "A full bodied, well rounded premium bitter, amber in colour, clean in taste. Fruit hop aroma leading to a pleasant, dry rewarding finish."
My last beer before heading home and a good 'un to finish with. More of a winter drink as the name suggests than a hot summers evening but I enjoyed it very much all the same. August 2022.