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779: Tirril | Kirkstone Gold

20220709_160614The brewery: “Based in Long Marton, near Appleby, Tirril Brewery offers fine traditional ales, refreshingly crisp pilsners & a range of spirits. The first brew was delayed for a month, by the arrival of our daughter India. It turned out by chance that the current Tirril Brewery opened exactly 100 years after Siddle’s the last brewery in Tirril had closed….“

The beer: “Our first specifically designed Lakeland Ale. A pale golden beer, lighter in colour than our Grasmere Gold, yet also subtly hopped to make for plentiful session drinking.”

It didn’t offend and hardly excited but after a warm day out on Ullswater it was indeed very refreshing. Pleasant but not outstanding - but that’s just my palate.

3.9% A.B.V. Glenridding Hotel, Cumbria. July 2022.