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778: Bowness Bay | Swan Black

20220708_164903The brewery: “In a region renowned for delicious local produce and divine taste experiences, Bowness Bay Brewing have been producing a range of hand-crafted traditionally made beers using the famous Lake District water to create the freshest, cleanest beers around.”

The beer: “Set sail on a journey into the deliciously darker waters of our black IPA with its start-to-finish hoppy magnificence. Allow this beer’s rich chocolate sweetness along with its subtle citrus notes and grassy loveliness to wash over and refresh you with its Lakeland water freshness.”

I liked the colour -obviously - but the flavour? Not so much. A tad too hoppy for me in truth. Forgot my specs when I went into Booth’s in Keswick and so didn’t read the label. 4.6% A.B.V. July 2022