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666: Riverside Brewery | Tubbers’ Tipple


The brewery: “Nestled in the South Downs, alongside the winding River Adur, we brewed our first batch of the now-classic Beeding Best in 2015. Since then we have widened our range to include seasonal winners, a contemporary lager, a rather splendid mead and collaborations with local charities.”

The beer: “Named after those intrepid folk who braved the River Adur avoiding flour bombs and eggs in nothing more than glorified bath tubs, staying afloat long enough to paddle from Upper Beeding to Shoreham. Had our brewery been there at the time we are sure they would have stopped on the way and enjoyed this ‘oarsome’ beer worthy of their name. The beer has an earthy / spicy characteristic with just a hint of honey.”

Deceptively strong at 5.6%, to me it had a much mellower taste. Not my favourite of the Riverside offerings I’ve sampled but would happily drink another. Bottle conditioned. September 2020. Related entries