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664: Riverside Brewery | Beeding Best

20200919_210524The brewery: “Nestled in the South Downs, alongside the winding River Adur, we brewed our first batch of the now-classic Beeding Best in 2015. Since then we have widened our range to include seasonal winners, a contemporary lager, a rather splendid mead and collaborations with local charities.”

The beer: “The Brewery is based within the South Downs National Park on the banks of the River Adur. On the outskirts of Upper Beeding, so a bit of a no-brainer name for this one.The beer has a pine / floral characteristic with just a hint of liquorice.”

A Visit to Arundel Castle coincided with the monthly farmers market where I found this, the first of four ales on the blog from the Riverside Brewery, Upper Beeding in my adopted home county of Sussex.

An enjoyable quaff - I didn’t notice the pine or floral characteristics, neither did I notice the bit that said bottle conditioned so it was somewhat less than clear! No matter though, still tasted fine. 4.2%. September 2020. Related entries