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661: Williams Bros. | Talking Head

20200819_164018The brewery: “Williams Bros. Brewing Co. is located in Alloa, Clackmannanshire and is set in the old George Younger’s bottling hall in Kelliebank……..Our first commercial brews of 'Scotland's Original Craft Beer' were at a 5-barrel brewery in Taynult near Oban on the West Coast. Here we were able to brew just enough to supply cask conditioned Fraoch to 5 premises, including the Clachaig in Glencoe, which to this day remains our most loyal and enduring customer.”

The beer: “This Extra Pale Ale is an assertive blend of US hops. Through aromas of pine, a bitter tomahawk of soft ripe & tropical fruit explodes on the pallet. A crisp & fruity American Extra Pale Ale where the hops lead the way, backed up by just a touch of wheat.”

Wow, this beer was something else, though to my more tastes not in a good way. The ‘assertive’ hops combined with the fruit ‘explosion’ put this in a rather unique category in the Archive - I didn’t finish it. Nothing wrong with the quality but it was just too much for me, I didn’t enjoy it all all sadly. 4.4% A.B.V. August 2020. Related entries