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562: Whitby Brewery | Jet Black

The Brewery: “Whitby Brewery has been producing delightfully delicious Yorkshire ales since 2013. The brewery itself was built by hand by local Whitby craftsmen and has proven to be perfect for brewing cracking Yorkshire ales. We use only the finest floor-malted barley and whole hops to make what we think are some of the best beers about………Whitby Brewery was founded with one aim - to brew the finest beers around. It's been an exciting 3 years since we produced our first beers and now we've moved to our larger premises we're ready to take Whitby Brewery to the next stage. Our commitment to quality, the dedication of our staff and our driving passion means we're always learning, developing and improving our recipes and our processes.”

The Beer: “A finely balanced porter packed with liquorice, coffee and sweet toffee. A deliciously creamy mouth feel and the generous use of Roasted Barley and Chocolate Malt makes drinking Jet Black porter a truly luxurious experience.”

I’ll be honest - I didn’t even know Whitby had a brewery until, after climbing the 199 steps to the Abbey I saw a sign. This was sampled on a beautiful March day in the yard outside the tap across the road from the Abbey - and it went down very well indeed. A lovely combination of flavours. 4.5% A.B.V.

Whitby Brewery Tap. March 2019