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Rother Valley – Keyworth

WP_20161209_15_56_44_ProWhat they say? Well, I managed to pick yet another ale that does not appear on it’s brewery’s website, however I found this: “Keyworth (4.5% ABV) from the Rother Valley Brewing Company, has been brewed from a variety of hop not grown commercially for more than 50 years.  Local hop farmer Chris Nicolas of Hoads Farm, Sandhurst planted a few acres of Keyworth hops and the result of this years harvest is this mid strength bitter, perfect for real ale drinkers who like a well hopped pint.”

It’s rare that I drink away from the village except when on our travels but the end of term drivers get together saw us in a pub in Kemptown, Brighton for a bit of ‘research’. First up was this and it was certainly hoppy. Well kept and crystal clear but as regulars will know, not the type of beer to excite my taste buds.

The Barley Mow, Brighton. December 2016